Vermouth & Specialties



Visual exam
Intense ruby red color.

Olfactory exam
Intense aroma of fruit with characteristic spices notes, which perfectly blend with aromatic herbs to create a unique mix.

Taste exam
Dry and fresh taste, with well-balanced bitter and vegetable notes, rich of sweet and spicy hints.

Primary Ingredients
Alcohol, sugar, herbs and spicy including china and gentian.

Production Process
The production process of Bitter Gancia is divided into 2 phases, infusion and distillation. In the first phase, herbs and spices are ground, powdered and mixed with a water-alcoholic solution. Then the solution is left to macerate about 21 days. Once the maceration and the extraction of the aromatic part are complete, the solution rests to become clear and transparent.

Alcohol content
25% vol.


Excellent on the rocks, Bitter Gancia is perfect for the creation of the most famous cocktails like Negroni and Americano.

Service temperature
6-8° C, depending on the consumption occasion.