The Historical Cellars

A fascinating underground itinerary that traces the history of Italian sparkling wine through the Gancia archives, the historic brand that holds the birthright of "made in Italy" bubbles.

The underground cathedrals, historical cellars of Gancia, are preserved in the basement of the city of Canelli. Because of their beauty and importance, they have been chosen by UNESCO to be recognized as a World Heritage Site, as part of the project for the candidacy of the wine-growing landscapes of South Piedmont.

The underground cathedrals of Casa Gancia represent an incalculable historical heritage of architecture dedicated to oenology: they have been excavated in the past centuries in calcareous tuff, perfect natural thermal insulation able to maintain a constant temperature of 12-14 degrees, ideal for processing and refinement of great wines.
The pressing of grapes from Chardonnay, Pinot Nero and Moscato, for the production of Spumanti Metodo Classico Gancia, takes place in suggestive cellars of over 600 square meters, with exposed brick vaults dating back to the early nineteenth century. Here we find the Marmonier Press, with two cages of 4500 kg each, for the press of 60% of the grapes in a very soft way, 16 temperature controlled stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature, capable of over 80,000 liters, destined for fermentation and preservation of the sparkling bases Classic Method for the cuvèe and 300 barriques of 225 liters for the fermentation and maturation of the wine.

To visit the historical cellars, contact Casa Gancia at 0141-830262, 0141-830253 or by e-mail addressed to: